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The spirit of Grünenthal

Working with heart and soul for our patients

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Live and breathe the Grünenthal spirit

Across the company, we are dedicated to delivering genuine benefits for our patients. The will to make a difference is what drives our work, our sense of togetherness and, above all, our innovative products – products which our patients urgently need. This spirit is clearly felt throughout Grünenthal, and makes us extremely proud of the work we do.

We work in interdisciplinary teams which constantly exchange ideas and information with each other. Each individual contributes to our success through their work, and therefore plays a visible role in our company. Throughout everything we do we are guided by our four values, which are the pillars of our vibrant company culture.

Would you like to experience the Grünenthal spirit, and shape it yourself? Then apply now via our Online Job Market.

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Building a meaningful career - A critical piece of the puzzle

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Our values – A vibrant company culture