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A truly global company

Innovation needs diversity! That’s why Grünenthal is represented by subsidiaries in 32 countries and has production plants in six. Globally we have around 5,500 employees of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. Our approx. 1,900 staff in Germany alone come from 36 different countries. We view this cultural melting pot as an advantage and a real asset. That’s why since 2009 Grünenthal has been a signatory of the Diversity Charter, and is committed to cultural diversity, integration, and providing equal opportunities for all employees.

A successful company

  • In 2016, we generated revenues of 1.4 billion euros.
  • Following adjustments for exchange rate fluctuations, this marks an increase of 15% compared to 2015.
  • 86% of revenues come from our international business.
  • Based on revenues and market share, Grünenthal is ranked No. 2 for centrally acting analgesics in Europe and No. 1 in Latin America. (Source: IMS Health 2015)
  • In 2016, Grünenthal invested 268 million euros in research and development, which corresponds to around 20% of our revenue.
  • At year-end 2016, our equity ratio was 59%, highlighting our consistently strong balance sheet structure and financial stability.
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Innovative products and services - A leader in pain therapy

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Grünenthal at a glance - Our innovative products are helping patients all over the world