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Our values and behaviours

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We are patient-centric

This means that we strive to actively engage with the external world to deliver innovations for patients. We challenge each other to put our patients first when making decisions. As a precondition, we want to understand the needs and experiences of our patients, and tailor solutions to achieve our purpose. At Grünenthal, we love what we do and we are passionate about our purpose of improving patients’ lives.

We live entrepreneurship

At Grünenthal, living entrepreneurship means that we challenge the status quo, try new things and take smart risks. We think and act strategically, spot trends, plan long-term and create opportunities for growth. Every one of us and we as a team are accountable and never stop learning from our mistakes. Finally, we work to win – and be better.

We join forces

Grünenthal is an international company with affiliates in over 30 countries, bringing together people with very different background and expertise. As such, we want to leverage our strengths to achieve our shared objectives. We join forces – it means that we actively seek diverse input and contributions when designing solutions. We listen to each other, share knowledge to ensure a common understanding and learn from each other. To achieve shared success for Grünenthal, we work together with a sense of urgency and regardless of hierarchy.

We act with integrity

This value is at the heart of everything we do. We advocate and apply high ethical standards every day. In addition, we encourage people to speak up, act transparently and never hide from the truth. Our Code of Conduct and platforms such as our Ethics Helpline ensure that we have the right guidance in place. Integrity for us also means to express our opinions in a respectful and constructive way and to embrace and actively seek a diverse and inclusive working environment. At Grünenthal, we treat people with respect and have empathy for how people feel.

We drive performance

This value is key to ensure our company success. We want to share our vision and inspire people to achieve our purpose. In addition, we create an atmosphere of trust and fun, where teams can flourish and deliver high performance. Defining and committing to ambitious goals, and recognising team and individual contributions is key to being successful as a team. Contributing to and creating high-performing teams through proactive performance management while individually taking ownership of our development – we believe that this is how we can best achieve our objectives. To stay successful in the future, we strive to attract and develop talent, and create an environment where people can unleash their potential.

Do our values and behaviours resonate with you? Would you like to experience and contribute to the true “Grünenthal spirit”? Then apply today via our Online Job Market.

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The spirit of Grünenthal - Working with heart and soul for our patients

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