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Our remuneration philosophy

You help the company move forward, take on responsibility, see the bigger picture, and bring your talent and ideas – and we want to reward that appropriately:

  1. Fair remuneration
    All employees in comparable roles should receive comparable remuneration. This is essential to ensure fairness within the company. Roles are compared worldwide using an established market-based job evaluation system.
  2. Market-compliant remuneration
    We regularly compare our salaries with those of other companies in the pharmaceutical industry, and increase them where required. This ensures that we’re in line with the market and externally comparable.
  3. Performance-based remuneration
    We employ a performance-related remuneration system, particularly for employees not covered by collective wage agreements. Good performance should be rewarded – also financially. So at Grünenthal, increased performance is met with a respective salary increase.

Salaries, bonuses and benefits

  • Employees not covered by collective wage agreements receive an annual salary that is reviewed once a year. In addition, their bonus increases as they assume more responsibility.
  • Employees in Germany who are covered by collective wage agreements are paid according to the defined wage scale and receive a 13th monthly salary as well as a variable, profit-based bonus.
  • All Grünenthal employees take part in a global bonus system, while our sales staff in the field receive specific bonuses.
  • We also support our employees to prepare for their financial future, after their active working life. For example, in Germany we offer employees the opportunity to supplement pension payments with their own contributions.
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